Original Screenplays

  • Ryan & Angela
    (Co-written with Lisbeth Davidow for
    Universal Studios (A Casey Silver Production)

  • Robert Hood

  • The Ghostwriter
    (Optioned twice)

  • Sista Blue


  • The Loner
    (Co-written with Gary Phillips)

Soul Eyes - Order Book


Soul eyes Review

I found the book to be provocative, educational and suspenseful.

It took me into the Black Culture and offered a detailed account of history during the Riots of the 60's. Mr.

Wilson has created some fascinating characters with substance and humor that pop off the page.

He tells a wonderful story with poetry and heart. We have not heard the last from this exciting new author.

I eagerly await his next publication with baited breath. Read the book and let him take you into his world. He has a unique voice and one that needs to be heard.

March 23, 2006
By Frank Conn